Bedu-Lions Ramadan Charity Project

For us Bedus charity is a matter of the heart!

In order to be able to help many people effectively, it proved to be correct to work with strong, experienced partners. Therefore we prefer to cooperate with the Lions Clubs International. In our Bedu fan club EFC Bembel Beduinen we do have NINE members who are also dependents by different Lions Clubs.

To live as a guest in a Muslim country means to us too, to get to know about the life of our local friends. Charity is an important part in the Islam. They call to benefit the poor Zakat, what is the Third Pillar of this religion. Right now it is Ramadan, the Islamic Holy Month. While the Ramadan to give charity is even more significant. It is a sadaqa, what means voluntary charity.

However, our Bedu Sasiyetta (Sasikumar R. Nair – he had got his birthday yesterday!) and Bedu Santosh (K. Kumar – he’s also a Harley cruiser) visited with his Lions Club Trivandrum Oasis (085955) the Al Kashif Metal Scarp Tr. LLC in Sharjah, UAE. They spent to the workers an Iftar.

So c’mon people be proud together with us that our members are part of such a remarkable activity! It is just wonderful to realize what the Lions use to say: We serve!

Iftar by the Al Kashif Metal Scarp Tr. LLC
Bedu Sasiyetta (in the middle)
Bedu Santosh
Bedu Santosh

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