Bedu Bikers

On the last day in October 2015 we Bedu’s had got a safety training with our HOG buddies. It is very important to the Bedu Bikers to have fun and ride safe. It was marvelous to see our good old friend, the instructor Theo Verkamman after three years again. You know, a Bedu is always a Bedu and has got the Eintracht flag forever in the saddle bag. Hence, we made like always advertisement for our Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt and discussed a lot about football during the breaks. And certainly we teased plenty of time this Dutch guy because the Netherlands will not participate on the European championship 🙂 We also remembered him and not just once, Arje Robben is playing for the FC Bayern München. Actually this totally cool guy get really upset about the performance of his national team. Quite understandable …
Anyhow, we must say it was definitely a great time together! Thank you so much for the organization to our HOG buddies and thank you Theo for the improvement of our riding skills. For you and your national team and for the Bedu’s referring our Eintracht Frankfurt takes effect what our former SGE trainer Dragoslav “Steppi” Stepanovic said in his wonderful Hesse dialect: “Das Lebbe geht weider!” (Life is going on …)

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