Fan Shop

Dear football fans worldwide:

We’ve been asking permanently also to sell our Bedu stuff. These inquiries made us very proud, thank you for it! It was a longer process but right now we can deliver.

So, if you want to look like a real Bedu, take a look here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our esteemed treasurer, Bedu JJ Jalal, made the prices for this year.


Hence, here we go with our offers. If you’ve any question so please don’t hesitate to send us and e mail. You can use the contact form  below on this page. We’ll come back to you as soon as possible. 

Fan article by the EFC Bembel Beduinen: 

Cap: 15 Euro

(kid and adult sizes; 100 % cotton)

Polo shirts for kids: 25 Euro 

(two different sizes, 0-6 years, 6 – 14 years, 100 % cotton)

Polo shirts for ladies & gentlemen: 28 Euro

(Different shapes for ladies and gentlemen, available sizes for both sex are: S, M, L, XL, XXL; 100% cotton)

Flag: 75 Euro

(size:3 x 2 m; water resistent nylon )

Stickers: 3 Euro

(transparent and non transparent)

USB stick with Bedu logo: 9 Euro

(the stick has got an 8 GB memory)

Bath robe, towel and fabric napkins will come soon as well.

Bembels are by request and will be delivered from Germany. This is how our Bembel looks, just take a look about the short video.

Shipping – original costs – and a handling fee – depends on the order size between 0 – 10 Euro – will be charged extra.

We’re sorry, but the  goods cannot be exchanged.

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