Mexico has the most complex economy in Latin America.

Mexico has the 15th largest nominal GDP and the 11th largest by purchasing power parity. GDP annual average growth for the period of 1995–2002 was 5.1%. Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in purchasing power parity (PPP) was estimated at US $2.2602 trillion in 2015, and $1.3673 trillion in nominal exchange rates. Mexico’s GDP in PPP per capita was US $18,714.05. The World Bank reported in 2009 that the country’s Gross National Income in market exchange rates was the second highest in Latin America, after Brazil at US $1,830.392 billion, which lead to the highest income per capita in the region at $15,311. Mexico is now firmly established as an upper middle-income country. After the slowdown of 2001 the country has recovered and has grown 4.2, 3.0 and 4.8 percent in 2004, 2005 and 2006 even though it is considered to be well below Mexico’s potential growth.Furthermore, after the 2008–2009 recession, the economy grew an average of 3.32 percent per year from 2010 to 2014.

Nevertheless, according to Goldman Sachs, by 2050 Mexico will have the 5th largest economy in the world.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Our Beduine Ranee (Barr)
Our Beduine Ranee (Barr)

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