Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (born on 28 August 1749 in Frankfurt-am-Main, died on 22 March 1832 in Weimar) is one of the most famous son of our city Frankfurt am Main. Based on the Frankfurt Dubai partner city relationship he is also present in Dubai. You can find the landmark of his famous work West Östlicher Diwan (West Eastern Divan) in the Zabeel Friendship Park. We proudly present some pictures about the inauguration of this monument, too.
By the way, we like him also for the reason we have the same favorite food, Frankfurt’s well known “green sauce”. This Renaissance man said also once:
“A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold on to them.”
This very apt remark has unlimited validity for the EFC Bembel Beduinen! So please follow our notables and welcoming speeches on the following pages.