Bedu Marc

Our Bedu Marc (K. Herrmann) is working as a flight attender for the Emirates Airlines and therefore he is a real globetrotter. We use to joke he is more often in the air as on the earth.

But wherever is he flying he has our Eintracht always with him!!! What an Eintracht fan, what a Bedu! And certainly we’re looking for further more pictures, Bedu Marc!


Bedu Marc in New Zealand


Bedu Marc in the Sequoia National Park, Three Rivers, CA 93262, USA




Bedu Marc in Mexico / Chichen Itza

Bedu Marc on the Chinese Wall


Bedu Marc on the Times Square in New York City

Bedu Marc im Englischen Garten


Bedu Marc on the Machu Picchu

Bedu Marc in Taipeh

Bedu Marc in Sydney

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