Austria consistently ranks high in terms of GDP per capita, due to its highly industrialized economy, and well-developed social market economy. Until the 1980s, many of Austria’s largest industry firms were nationalized; in recent years, however, privatisation has reduced state holdings to a level comparable to other European economies. Labour movements are particularly influential, exercising large influence on labor politics and decisions related to the expansion of the economy. Next to a highly developed industry, international tourism is the most important part of the national economy.

Tourism accounts for almost 9% of the Austrian gross domestic product. In 2007, Austria ranked 9th worldwide in international tourism receipts, with 18.9 billion US$. In international tourist arrivals, Austria ranked 12th with 20.8 million tourists.


Vacation home in the Austrian Achenkirch

Our first partner in Austria is Beduine Ulli (Klinke-Kobale).

Ulrike Klinke-Kobale als Charity Lady
The German text in the picture: This woman has infinite power and a sensitive assertiveness. Ulrike Klinke-Kobale makes the J.P. Morgan run in Frankfurt a highlight and her wide-ranging commitment to human rights is exemplary. She belongs to the committee of Human Rights Watch and injustice for Ulrike a terrible thorn in the side.


She is renting a superb villa in a breathtaking environment. You can rent it through the whole year. Hence, you can be a fan about swimming in the sea, hiking and everything about snow.


The grandiose view in Achenkirch from the terrace of the villa.


And we are pretty sure if you want to rent this dream as Bedu or as an Eintracht Frankfurt fan, Beduine Ulli will have a heart for you! For the details just click on the headline.


Bedupresi Andreas, Bedu Ulli, Bedu Johnny (from left to right)
Bedupresi Andreas, Bedu Ulli, Bedu Johnny (from left to right)



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