Ethiopia is a country with a big potential! Three times as big as Germany and round about 100 million inhabitants. Between 2013 and 2014, the GDP growth was about 10.6 percent!  Just to compare the same data was in the EU 1,4 % and in the USA 2,4 %. Only this rate of growth should be more than tempting and challenging for everybody who wants to be successful in the economic life, shouldn’t be???

The best coffee in the world is coming from Ethiopia. If you want to drink it outside of the country, you need reliable trading companies, like the Typica General Trading PLC. The managing director is our good friend, Minilik Habtu. We can definitely recommend him as solid partner. If you need more information about him, just visit his website!

We also want to share the information with you, that he is a real football fan! As such one he is member of the board of the Ethiopian Coffee F.C. Hence, when you drinking with him a cup of coffee you can discuss with him about football on the highest level as well!

Business is always people, also in the XXI. century. And the Bedu’s have the best ones! Hence, if you are interested to make business in Ethiopia or deal with Ethiopian companies than just contact our Bedu Muhsin and Bedu Tofik!


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