Oktoberfest 2015

Traditionally we celebrated the Oktoberfest 2015 in the tent of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Like always, it was a great fun! This year we had got friends from Frankfurt as visitors here – all of them are heavy fans of our Eintracht!!!

Gimmick of the this years Oktoberfest was that our good old friends, the Oktoberfestband Kirchdorfer gathered for us for a photo. Certainly we gave them the Eintracht Frankfurt flag in their hand as well. As the bandleader Thomas S. Wohlschläger realized what’s going on he just replied very dry: “Grenzwertig!” (It’s on the borderline …) The band asked us also to make pictures without the flag and as a courtesy to our friends we also would like to publish some.
Next year we will certainly celebrate in our hangout again! We are looking forward to see our Frankfurter friends again and of course to enjoy the fantastic Kirchdorfer’s show!
Oans, zwoa, g’suffa!
ps: We love the Oktoberfest but never ever the FC Bayern München!
Only the SGE!

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