Our fan club, the EFC Bembel Beduinen, is eager to export our Eintracht and our city Frankfurt to the world. We proudly present our dependence on the fifth continent, in Australia. Our Chairman by the Aussies is Bedu Sunil (Misra) who made it with his enthusiasm and reliability possible that the Bedu’s are on all the five continents present right now.

Here we go with Chairman Sunil’s thoughts referring our Bedu activities in Terra Australis Incognita.

The Bedu’s conquer Down Under for football friendships 

Having had an interaction with Bedupresi Dr. Andreas Gulya for the first time, I was truly inspired by the cause, his vision, mission and passion towards his goal of further expanding the highly prestigious and reputed “fan and business club”, the EFC Bembel Beduinen by making its presence felt amongst football fans in Australia.

Bedupresi Andreas
Bedupresi Andreas on the Sydney Harbor Bridge with the world famous Sydney Opera House

I am a big fan of Australian National football team, the Socceroos and Australian women football team, the Matildas. However, I see a strategic opportunity here as EFC Bembel Beduinen, not only provide the opportunity to connect Australian football fans with Eintracht Frankfurt, the most prestigious football team of Frankfurt, but with rest of the world too, due to its presence in four continents before. 

Australia, the fifth continent
Australia, the fifth continent

With people, today, so desperate for destruction, that they are willing to harm themselves to destroy others, and so much death and destruction in the news, there is an ever-growing need to involve ourselves in feel-good activities that will promote friendship, harmony amongst people, nations, various cultures, and religions at large. Promoting sports and supporter’s fan club can be an excellent tool to bring like-minded people together under the same umbrella and this can make everybody love each other.

I strongly believe that the power of sports to develop the bond of love and affection amongst people are stronger than the power of hate to destroy.

To make it happen and grow the Bedu family exponentially I strongly appeal to the already existing and potential members of Bedu family to be guided and driven by GROW principle.

I would like to explain here as to what the word “GROW” meant to me. The G stands for “GIVE” and we all must give our well-developed talents to leave our mark on people by giving empathetic consideration and also sharing our experiences with others. The R stands for “RESPECT” and we must respect the perspectives of others by listening more than we speak and learn as much as we could from other people. The O stands for “OWN IT” and this simply implies that, we can only own and control our actions and our decisions. The W stands for “WORK” and in the context of Bedu family’s growth strategy, the work simply means that if we are getting few hours of someone’s day, we better be having some fun. Somebody said it beautifully that Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life”.

The Australian aboriginals in Sydney with their music performance ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

Work finished in relation to promoting sports with an aim of connecting people through the common platform nationally and internationally have long been regarded as honorable and with full of fun, and can certainly assist in bringing people and communities together, heal wounds, mend barriers, and bring peace by rising above differences amongst cultures and nations.

Sydney Harbor Bridge ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

Inspired by Bedupresi Dr. Andreas Gulya’s passion and his love for promoting Eintracht Frankfurt and the city Frankfurt to the world, and in view of this, to enter the fifth continent in promoting and connecting EFC Bembel Beduinen with Australia, I am pleased to endorse my commitment to join this beautiful crusade for the development of the Bedu community here in Australia. By the way the Bedu’s visited Sydney in 2012 already, when we met the first time. Under the leadership of Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al-Quasimi, Minister for Foreign Trade, United Arab Emirates, they participated on the Australian Arab Business Forum and Expo Program under the banner “Connecting Dubai to Global Markets.”

Her Excellency, Sheikha Lubna Al-Quasimi, Minister for Foreign Trade, UAE ©EFC Bembel Beduinen
Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Al-Quasimi holds her opening address in Sydney ©EFC Bembel Beduinen
Opening address in Sydney
The opening address by the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Sheraton on the Park Hotel, Sydney in 2012

Consequent upon ceaseless and sincere efforts of visionary and dynamic Bedupresi Dr. Andreas, in progressing and concluding my addition to the exceptional Bedu family, I would like to thank Dr. Andreas Gulya as Bedupresi of the esteem organisation. It gives me immense pleasure to be a founding chairman of EFC Australia Bembel Beduinen and look forward to participating in this journey of building up the Bedu community here in Australia as a member of the global Bedu family. 

Future SGE fans in down under ©EFC Bembel Beduinen
Future Eintracht Frankfurt fans in the harbor of Sydney ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

I feel proud to be a member of EFC Bembel Beduinen, a platform for connecting people of Frankfurt to people from all important cities of the world who are football fans. Well done Dr. Andreas! We certainly needed this initiative when the world is in turmoil and therefore all of us can try together to unite continents and put an effort in promoting peace and harmony through EFC Bembel Beduinen platform.

The Bedu's favorite restaurant in Sydney: Peter Doyle @ The Quay ©EFC Bembel Beduinen
The Bedu’s favorite restaurant in Sydney: Peter Doyle @ The Quay ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

Soccer also known as football, is the most played team sport in Australia and contributes to the Australian economy to the tune of AUD 1 billion. Football in Australia is growing at a faster rate than any other recognized sport. This growth is driven by a combination of its increasing popularity, helped by the Asian Cup success and our growing population.

Soceroos Australia team
Soceroos Australia team

As a founding chairman of EFC Australia Bembel Beduinen, it is my commitment to build up fans and getting them under the same roof, however, it is going be a huge challenge. Moving forward and as a part of my strategic plan, first and foremost priority will be to build up a team of EFC Australia Bembel Beduinen. Moving on, I shall be starting off with a page on the Bedu sides to begin with and developing a strategic plan for the next five years.