Oktoberfest 2016

It’s getting more and more to a tradition for the Bedu’s to visit the Oktoberfest in the desert. In this year we went there together as well. Just for one day we get the traditional Bavarian folk costume as well. Somehow the Oktoberfest make more fun on that way.
We met our old friends, the music group Kirchendorfer and some waiters from Germany, too. They knew meanwhile what we like to drink and eat and served perfectly the Eintracht fans! So we have been never without the real German beer 🙂 And on our table we just marched through the entire Bavarian kitchen like “Weißwurt”, “Leberkäse”, Obatzda”, “Radi” and so on …
In this year Beduine Anna liked it to dance on the stage. She jumped up to it to support the vocals 🙂 All three ladies enjoyed this spontaneous show element. Also, the audience. Good training for the first visit in the Waldstadion, isn’t it?
Summarizing what we can say, is, that it was a great fun again. We want definitely participate on the Oktoberfest in the next year again. To show presence also on the Oktoberfest is important to us. We ever chant bold everywhere:
Deutscher Meister wird nur die SGE!

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