Eintracht Frankfurt – Werder Bremen 2:2

To the criticism, rejection of the fans responded by Eintracht’s sporting director, Fredi Bobic

“I’m not interested in your opinion.” And further: “Who is against Möller, is also against me.”

Well, quite arrogant, condescending and not least nonobjective. Let us remember that Bobic’s appointment to the Eintracht Board was not entirely uncontroversial. But his dedication and performance quickly convinced many of his critics. Well, perhaps Möller’s (re)hiring is a good decision as well. We wouldn’t have taken him. In time, we’ll see. And should the ex Stuttgarter Bobic own a format, then he should apologize to the fans for his derailment. And in the future always seek dialogue.

PS: We are against the appointment of Andreas Möller as head of the young talent centre. But not (yet) against Fredi Bobic. For us there is no factual necessity.


Our media partner, The Kroisos Newsleaf, reported on about the draw against the team from Bremen.

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