Two Bedu’s in Tel Aviv

The city Frankfurt am Main, the German financial place, has got 17 twin cities, like Birmingham, Budapest, Deuil-La Barre, with our city Dubai, Eskişehir, Granada/ Nicaragua, Guangzhou (Kanton)/China, Kairo, Krakau, Leipzig, Lyon, Mailand, Philadelphia, Prag, Tel Aviv – Yafo, Toronto and Yokohama.

Frankfurt’s newest twin city relationship began already for 37 years. On March 3, 1980 Frankfurt and Tel Aviv decided to start a partnership city relationship. But somehow nobody recognized the official document isn’t signed. So right now, Tel Avi’s Lord Mayer Ron Huldai and his German counterpart Peter Feldmann put their names on the deed in the city hall in Tel Aviv on March 20, 2017. This happened in the presence of the largest official Frankfurter city delegation ever.

Members of the delegation were two Bedu’s as well, Bedu Frank (Dievernich) and Bedu Friedrich (Avenarius). We’re just proud that two of us accompanied our Lord Mayor Mr. Feldmann on this historical trip.

Our two Bedu’s send us pictures about the visit we proudly present. Both took a photo with the board member of our Eintracht Frankfurt AG, Axel Hellmann. The third one is a common pic with our Bedu’s and Mr. Jacks. Definitely our favorite! By the way, Philip Jacks is the head in the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main region for the trade union DGB. He isn’t a member of any political party. He’s seeing his job as a non-partisan challenge. Respect!

Also, our long time friend Julien Zamberk, assistant to the board of the Eintracht Frankfurt AG, was part of the Frankfurt delegation.

We welcome the successful engagement of our Eintracht Frankfurt in Tel Aviv. Mr. Hellmann presented together with Mr. Feldmann a special, signed by the SGE players jersey to Mr. Huldai.

The trip is obvious, additional evidence for us what we’re always underlying and practicing. Football opens doors and hearts. Our number one game is doubtful able to build firmly bridges to very different people all over the world.

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