Cooking with our Bedu Peter

Our Bedu Peter (Sebby) is not just our member of the board, but he’s one of the best cook in the Middle East. If you want to try him just visit Al Maha and you will be indulged. Definitely. On June 2, 2016, he visited and cooked for us. We can solely tell you, it was a tremendous evening! Hopefully it was not the last one, and he’ll come more often to pamper the Bedu’s.

Our dear Bedu Peter, thank you so much for your kindness and great performance! And let us add this one as well. He cooked very healthy, so we could eat a lot, like his delicious fishes. Even so from his world best eggs Benedict we couldn’t get enough! But thank God he taught Beduine Hayat, included all the little secrets how to get prepared them 🙂

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