Dr. rer. pol. Hugo Müller-Vogg, German journalist, publicist and book author

On September 13th, 2015 Dr. rer. pol. Hugo Müller-Vogg, one of the major top German speaking journalist, book author and publicist became our new HONORARY MEMBER!

If you’re living in Frankfurt or Berlin and interested in public life it’s impossible not to meet Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg! He’s definitely on of the leading publisher in German language. He had been working for one of the most famous daily newspapers in the world, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, (FAZ). In his successful carrier between he was 1984-1988 in New York City, as their official correspondent, and between 1988-2001 he was a FAZ co-publisher in Frankfurt am Main. Right now he’s writing for the Axel Springer Verlag, moderating well known TV shows and also get regular invitations to participant in TV shows and news programs. In addition to that he’s publishing bestsellers, f.i. dialogues with the German chancellor Angela Merkel and also with the former German state president Horst Köhler. But this is only a small picture about his impressive activities. It’s worth visiting couple of websites to follow his work: curriculum vitae or own homepage.
His relationship to our Eintracht is sincere. He is a regular member at our companioned fan club in the German Parliament, bundesAdler. They changed their rules and regulations so that Dr. Müller-Vogg could join them. Therefore it’s definitely not necessary to underline he is a passionate Eintracht fan :-). He lives in Bad Homburg and visits the Eintracht games often. He cheered our team in the Waldstadion also on September 12th vs 1. FC Köln. Which Eintracht fan doesn’t know the result???!
So, we are very proud and happy all at once to have you with us, dear Bedu Hugo!


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