Frankfurt defeated Dusseldorf 2:1

After a deficit of 0:1 Eintracht beat the guests from Dusseldorf finally with 2:1

The bickering with and around Ante Rebic took the week for the slack kickers to an end. The “cup winner” – Bro, hit the ball long – leaves the Hessen to AC Milan. Although now everything is more clear, Rebic could not be set up on his own desire against the Fortuna. A successful fight would certainly be a kind of noble thank you to the fans for their time together. God knows, the Croatian can’t complain about their affection. The vice world champion also knows it, because he called them “Those are the best fans in the world”.

But for the new SGE striker the start was fabulous. Bas Dost scored the goal for the 1:1 equalizer.



Our media partner, The Kroisos Newsleaf, reported on the match against the Düsseldorf team.

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