Our fan club, the EFC Bembel Beduinen, is eager to export our Eintracht and our city Frankfurt to the world. We proudly present our dependence in the motherland of the football, in London, England.

Our Chairwoman in the UK is Beduine Ranee (Barr), who shares her thoughts referring our Bedu’s in England.

‘The Beautiful Game”

Needless to say I am proud to be a member of the EFC Bembel Beduinen, to represent them as the chairwomen of the EFC England Bembel Beduinen in the motherland of the football, here in England. After all the Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt is for me the most prestigious club, in the most important city in Germany; Frankfurt am Main, happens to be the center of finance for the European continent.

Die Alte Oper (The Old Opera) ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

As I am a huge fan of the most international German city of Frankfurt it was natural for me to love the Eagles, the SGE. Additionally, Frankfurt is also a twinned city with Birmingham in England, so I support my German team wholeheartedly. Eintracht is a club with so many international players and hopefully it is only a matter of time before someone from England join the team.

The red ones are our Eagles. Only Alex Meier is a Kraut 🙂 ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

The football team closest to where I live in north London is the Arsenal Football Club. I support them as well. Who knows one day our Eintracht will play Arsenal! Both teams have been present in the United Arab Emirates.

Friendly with the Arsenal UAE Supporters’ Club ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

I am a London Greeter and regularly take German tourists on a tailored, special walkabout around London. Occasionally it is a pleasure when they are from Frankfurt who are Eintracht fans. Then we have so much to share about the club. It truly is wonderful how football can bring people together.

London and the Union Jack ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

Thanks to Dr Andreas Gulya who is bringing important cities in the world together with his love of Eintracht Frankfurt and the football as a really beautiful, global game. We can all be part of this unique Bedu family; and share our experiences and passions of not just on football but life in general itself. Specially these days when the world is in turmoil we can try to unite continents with peace.

To make the EFC Bembel Beduinen well known in London and England is thrilling. It is a big challenge for me also a pleasure living in another great city like Frankfurt. I’m convinced in the long run it will reap real benefits. We will use our business club and the two financial centers London and Frankfurt, to achieve success through its many synergies.

The Whitehall with the Big Ben ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

As known, I love the art and culture. In Frankfurt and London I get to my money’s worth. The Frankfurter Museumsufer (Frankfurt Museum Riverside) is one of the most important cultural locations in Europe. Here in London we have almost an oversupply of cultural venues; museums, art galleries, theaters, the list is endless. There is a real possibility to culturally bridging the two great cities to benefit our football and business club EFC Bembel Beduinen.

The Victoria Palace Theater in the City of Westminster ©EFC Bembel Beduinen

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