FC Bayern München – SGE

We thought we’ll have a hit with our Eintracht vs FC Bayern München on March 11th, 2017. Therefore, we organized a public viewing with our members and some guests.

Unfortunately we lost 0:3 and didn’t bring the performance we could be proud of our team. In the last years it’s common to say to lose against the Bayern it could be worse. Maybe. But we’re Eintracht Frankfurt, the Eagles. And an eagle is always flying high …

Anyway, the party became perfect. We had got a tremendous BBQ, terrific Indian food, cold beer, somebody came with a bottle Chivas Regal – hence we had got a lot of fun over midnight. We sat outside by candlelight and talked about anything and everything.

Visitors from the Indian business community joined us as well.  We’re very close to the Lions Clubs International Trivandrum Oasis, and also some members jumped over. By one of them the admission ceremony was finalized, he gets his Lions necktie by the Lions superiors. As you can see on the pics, he was visibly moved.

To make a long story short, it’s obvious the Bedu’s can make fantastic parties in the desert. But our dear Eagles, if you’d start to win again – we’re waiting for so long in this season second leg – our mood will be much better also on an outstanding Bedu party!

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