Kenya‘s economy is market-based with a few state-owned infrastructure enterprises and maintains a liberalized external trade system. The country is generally perceived as Eastern and central Africa’s hub for Financial, Communication and Transportation services. Major industries include: agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and minerals, industrial manufacturing, energy, tourism and financial services. As of 2015 estimates, Kenya had a [{GDP]] of $69.977 making it the 72nd largest economy in the world. Per capita GDP was estimated at $1,587.

The government of Kenya is generally investment friendly and has enacted several regulatory reforms to simplify both foreign and local investment, including the creation of an export processing zone. The export processing zone is expected to grow rapidly through input of foreign direct investment. An increasingly significant portion of Kenya’s foreign inflows are remittances by non-resident Kenyans who work in the US, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Compared to its neighbors, Kenya has well-developed social and physical infrastructure.

Hence, we are convinced, the EFC Kenya Bembel Beduinen is active in a economically challenging country.

McSPEAR INTERNATIONAL– represented here by our good friend, the CEO Mohammed Ali  alias Bedu Ali – has been developing, sourcing for and managing business resources for entrepreneurs and investors. Principal Client industries are: Real Estate, ICT, Automotive, Agri -Business, Infrastructure and Government, Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Extraction, Oil & Gas and Business Services. Hence, if you want to do business in Kenya than just contact Bedu Ali!

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