Visit from Frankfurt

It is well known that Frankfurt am Main and Dubai are partner cities. Our Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann with a high delegation came to visit Dubai already in 2014. Right now Ms. Claudia Colleseus, who is working for the section international affairs by the City of Frankfurt am Main brought a very nice group of Frankfurter inhabitants to Dubai. Frankfurt is anxious to fill the city partnership with real life and connect citizens of the two metropolis together. Ms. Colloseus had got the terrific idea to bring the group to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai. Nasif Kayed, the managing director, introduced the group in the basics of the Arab life, heritage and certainly coffee and food. Referring the actual clashes between the religions it is more than important to know each other much better as normally the case is. Because to know each other means also much easier to understand each other. This is the best way to dismantle prejudice. As a tangible example Ms. Claudia Hoffmann – certainly a very big SGE fan – put an abaya and niqab in the first time in her life on and reported about her feelings to the group.
Our EFC Bembel Beduinen was more than happy to join the Frankfurter group. It is undoubtful  that it was a fantastic evening together: Nice Frankfurter, inspiring talks and of course our team Eintracht Frankfurt! A big thanks to the staff of the city of Frankfurt, especially Ms. Claudia Colloseus and Ms. Petra Bouillaut!!!

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