United Arab Emirates

According to the 2014 Global Investment Report published by UNCTAD, the United Arab Emirates is the second largest FDI recipient in the West Asia region, after Turkey. Its main investors are Britain, Japan and Hong Kong. After having declined in 2009, FDI inflows recovered. In 2013, the UAE attracted USD 12 billion, with the political and economic stability of the country attracting investors fleeing the revolutions of the “Arab Spring.” The bulk of FDI is concentrated in the sectors of hydrocarbons, water and electricity production. In February, the country hosted the 2015 World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment. The strengths of the UAE include its easy access to oil resources, low energy costs, a willingness to diversify the economy and a high purchasing power.

You can find in the Internet lot of analyses to this topic, we just give you one here.  And certainly you can contact our Bedu experts 🙂

                                                                  Tartufi and Friends 

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This fantastic restaurant was originally also in Frankfurt present. If you take a look to the window you’ll see also the name of our hometown. First we’ve been to Frankfurt and they told us about Dubai as well. In Dubai this is one of our favorite restaurant, really terrific! By the way, you can enjoy this unique restaurant in Rom, Milan and London as well. The specialty of this restaurant is of course the truffle – black and white. But you can eat there also fantastic if you don’t like this gourmet mushroom.

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Based on the marvelous membership to the manager Mr. Cedric Khalil, (he’s the second one from left) every Bedu gets 20 % off about his bill. This is a word Bedus, isn’t it? So see you soon by Tartuffi and Friends!


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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a very interesting location to set up companies – preferably in different free zones – and off-shore companies  as well. And off course any type of UAE UAE Business Licence.  Actually in a different country with a different official languages, Arab, it’s not too bad to get help. Real help for a reasonable price. Also when your company is running already probably you need some more help as well.
For this bunch of competent services we can recommend you the Business Bay Consultancy FZE. Managing Director Shiju Abdul Vahab with his professional team is happy to serve you. Just contact him with the hint, you found him over the Bedu’s. The excellent service is offered of course to everybody, but you’ll receive it for a special price!

The most people are not aware Dubai is absolutely in the desert. If capable, hardworking people wouldn’t work on it, it’d be everywhere just sand. One of the expert, who knows how to deal with the nature properly is our Bedu JJ (Jalal). He owns ad run the company  “green walk”.
Hence, if you want to live in a nice and green environment, so don’t hesitate to contact our Bedu JJ! ps: Apparently he likes German football, especially Eintracht Frankfurt. Maybe it helps by the negotiations …


We closed today, on January 20, 2016, with our good old friend Nasif Kayed, Managing Director of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and with his magnificent colleges a partnership.
The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding founded and under the patronage of H.H. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Emir of Dubai. Since years the team under the leadership of Nasif Kayed is doing a phenomenal job to serve humanity. Please take the time and read their last annual report. This is more than worth to get read.
In keeping with our motto to use football’s popularity to bring Emirati, Arabs  and Germans to get to know each other much more precisely. We want to underline and teach the similarities between our monotheism religions, because we all are praying to the same God. We want to create an atmosphere of trust, respect and friendship, we want to live in peace with each other.
We see this concrete and successful partnership as a real milestone on the way to live trustfully, respectfully and friendly in Dubai, the UAE, Frankfurt and Germany together. As we lernt from our Emirati friends,”inshallah” or as we use to say in Germany, “Der Herr sei mit uns!” (The Lord will be with us!)

Dubai Consultancy

Bedu Walid (Haren Al Falahi) is the CEO of the Dubai Consultancy. If we need some consulting about the GCC countries we like to talk to these people. Take this excellent advise for free from us :-)!

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