Eid al-Adha 2015

Our Bedu Tofik (Derbachew) made us a real big surprise on the Eid al-Adha in this year!!! He came spontaneously with a goat and showed us how the Eid will be celebrated in our new home country. For non-locals it is actually not everyone’s thing. But we wanted to know how our Muslim friends are celebrating their highest feast. For us it was the very first time we have seen it live and so closely. Definitely impossible to describe it exactly but somehow it was so impressive. Bedu Tofik and his helpers created an unforgettable, magical atmosphere. After finishing the whole slaughtering process our friend, the chef Marcel came over and made a terrific BBQ. The goat meat definitely couldn’t be more fresh. The bottom line is that: A big and great thank you so much to our Bedu Tofik for everything! He is not just a fine Bedu he is a tremendous ambassador of the Islamic culture as well.

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