Bedu News in 2015

Beduine Messi and Timbi had got birthday on October 24th, 2015! Please congratulate to these two wonderful people! Happy birthday Beduine Messi and Timbi!!! God bless you and give you health and wealth! And thank you so much to Bedu Temesgen for the hosting and Beduine Hayat for the participation. It was a very lovely time together! 
Beduine Messi
Beduine Messi
Beduine Messi
Beduine Messi

Our Bedu Tofik (Derbachew) became 25! Dear Bedu Tofik, happy birthday and we wish you just the very best for your beginning new life year! God bless you! 

Tofik Derbachew
Tofik Derbachew

On October 15, 2015 we welcome the awarded German actor and UNESCO Ambassador Tom Barcal as our honorary member!
Tom Barcal, right now Bedu Tom, is one of the leading German actor these days with impressive international reputation as well. Also he get awarded several times. In addition to that he is also an UNESO ambassador. And last but not least he is a big fan of our team Eintracht Frankfurt! He is an UNESCO ambassador, and also one of the José Carreras Foundation plus of the “Helfen bewegt e.V.” (Help moved registered association). Last but not least he is the patron for the “Vest4Kids e.V.”. 
He is also several times awarded, like in 2013 with the AIMY AWARD or in 2005 two times with the Rebel’s Art – Hessischer Nachwuchspreis – 1. Platz (Hesse Up and Coming Price – 1. Place) and the Newcomer Award.
The movies internationally getting also vigilant. So he played on the side of Jürgen Prochnow (The BOAT and BEVERLY HILLS COP II.) in the English movie “The Poet” and with Udo Kier (ARMAGEDDON, BLADE) in the American cinema “Tor zum Himmel” (Gate to heaven). He acted also with Jürgen Vogel and Daniel Brühl in the movie “Ein Freund von mir” (A friend of mine)

On September 20, 2015 H.E. Bishop Paul Hinder, OFM Cap. became our honorary member! 
H.E. Bishop Paul Hinder, OFM cap. and Vicar Apostolic in the Apostolic Vicariate (or Vicariate Apostolic) of Southern Arabia became our honorary member! We have known him since 2008 from a diplomatic reception. We got immediately fascinated by his unique personality.
H.E. Bishop Paul especially loves kids and families from the bottom of his full heart. Therefore our families and certainly our Eintracht are in very best hands by the Lord through him. We are much obligated to the Almighty that H.E. Bishop Paul as he is right now also our Bedu Paul!

On September 20, 2015 Minister Evans Ondieki became our chairman of the EFC Kenya Bembel Beduinen!!!
Evans Ondieki, right now also Bedu Evans, is Country Executive Committee Member for Environment, Water, Energy, Forestry and National Resources by the Nairobi City County. He is a real gentleman of the old school. He is working very hard and successful in his job. In his rare recreation time he is definitely interested on German football and … in our Eintracht Frankfurt of course! Therefore we are more than joyful to have him as a Bedu! He will be a big gain for us certainly in Kenya as well. We are more than happy to have such a great chairman in this very promising African country. Chairman Evans, your country has a great potential, you’re a very capable Bedu. Hence, we count on you and expecting you’ll make us Bedu’s in Kenya big and well know. Good luck, Bedu Evans!
Four people they shouldn’t know our Bedu Evans please find some links with and about him: 
Power Breakfast InterviewBusiness Center InterviewGusii TodayCapital Newsthe Star

On September 19th, 2015 our friend Omid Nouripour, member of the German Parliament, became a follower of us on Twitter! Omid is also the chairman of the fan club in the German Parliament, bundesAdler. 

Omid Nouripour Verified account
@nouripour FOLLOWS YOU
german MP, iranian activist, global green, international, Middle East-passionate, آزادى, contents-addict, Adler 4life, MC Omid, sometimes-DJ, قرمزته
Joined October 2008

On September 13th, 2015 Dr. rer. pol. Hugo Müller-Vogg, one of the major top German speaking journalist, book author and publicist became our new 
If you’re living in Frankfurt or Berlin and interested in public life it’s impossible not to meet Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg! He’s definitely on of the leading publisher in German language. It’s worth visiting couple of websites to follow his work: curriculum vitae or own homepage.
He is a regular member at our companioned fan club in the German Parliament, bundesAdler. He lives in Bad Homburg and visits the Eintracht games often. He cheered our team in the Waldstadion also on September 12th vs 1. FC Köln. Which Eintracht fan doesn’t know the result???! So, we are very proud and happy all at once to have you with us, dear Bedu Hugo!

The EFC Bembel Beduinen on social media
Dear football fans, you can follow us also on Twitter, @bembelbeduinen and on Facebook as well: EFC Bembel Beduinen or BembelBeduinen.
And certainly if you like us than become a follower of us, became or friend, give us a like … Than you so much dear football fans! 


The EFC Bembel Beduinen has a vanguard in London!!!
Unbelievable but true! Ranee Barr joined us in London. She is our chairwomen of the EFC UK Bembel Beduinen right now. We published about our Beduine Ranee a portrait under profiles. Enjoy!
Beduine Ranee in oil
Beduine Ranee in oil

Whatnot can you explore in a Bedu kitchen? 
Simply we had to publish this congenial composition – definitely no covert advertising 🙂 German speaker are on the inside track but also just the picture is highly seductive. What a  snapshot in time in the kitchen of Bedu Marc (Marc K. Herrmann):
Kölsch and Schoppe

We do have in the person of Ambassador Greg Dorey
our new honorary member! 
We have known Ambassador Greg Dorey for a long time now. And what a jolly good fellow he is too! He is the British Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti (non-resident) and British Permanent Representative to the African Union and UN Economic Commission for Africa.
Ambassador Dorey is a profound expert of the international football scene and in our discussions he gave us one or the other important notice too. Furthermore he gave advise as an insider we can much better understand how the English Premier League works. Quite rightly we are very proud and happy that he signaled out his fellowship to be with our EFC through his honorary membership. Ambassador Dorey is as expected a very busy person with lots of travel around the world. Therefore we hope that the honorary membership will be a strong bond for our amicable relationship with him for future.

Our first office in the world is in Addis Ababa!
In June 20th, 2015 we opened an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our chairman for Ethiopia is Muhsin Derbachew. Bedu Muhsin, this is a historic event so go on and get it! Your EFC Bembel Beduinen expects our Eintracht will be more popular in Ethiopia as the Gunners right now! And we believe in you that you will get it! 

Armin Veh is the new-old Eintracht coach! 
Somehow we do have mix emotions. Because after three wonderful years he left us. He mentioned in the public he would not see any perspectives more for himself by us. However, he signed now a two years contract, not just a yearly one as he use to act, with the SGE. And certainly, if he will lead our team to the European League or God forbid to the Champions League than everything will be fine again 🙂 By the way, while his visit in 2013 in the UAE we get  friendly connected to him. It was not hard because he is a real nice fellow. Anyway, we definitely want to continue our good relationship to him! Coach Veh, looking forward to seeing you in 2016 here!

It seems our Eintracht Frankfurt like our website! We put them on our too, of course. 
Here is the new homepage with us: EINTRACHT-ONLINE.NET

 Since yesterday, June 15, 2015, our homepage is on the official Eintracht Frankfurt website!
Here you can click us, too: Official Website from Eintracht Frankfurt

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