Ranee Barr: Our vanguard in London

Beduine Ranee – also known as Ranee Barr – as a Londoner has the chance to enjoy the Premier League live in London, like Arsenal and Chelsea. But heads up! She is following the Bundesliga as well and her heart is beating for our Eintracht! Ladies and Gentlemen, dear football friends, what a lady, very indeed!

Therefore let the EFC Bembel Beduinen introduce her to the football fans, our Beduine Ranee. We are pleased to publish her self-portrayal. Hence, when you visit London don’t miss to contact her. You will enjoy her distinguished company greatly, will have lot of fun with her. It is a safe bet!

“As a London Greeter, I share with guests my vast knowledge accumulated over several years of the unique parts of London taking people behind the scenes to delight, startle, or just be amazed at London’s hidden gems and its history.

I work at Kenwood House for English Heritage as an Explainer. To be in the presence of great works of art, sumptuous furnishings and the house steeped in history is a privilege and to share this knowledge with visitors is very satisfying.

I am currently looking for an editor for my novel with the working title ‘Leave Taking’ which is in the process of being completed. My aim also is to gather all the poems I have written over the years into a book. Watch this space!

Unique concierge service for the newly relocated to London; a tailor made one off service to help persons settle in quickly taking the hassle and confusion off their hands. This great city has a lot to offer if you know where to look.

I am working on a reminiscence book called ‘Belsize Remembered’. A local history book; its aim is to leave a record of the ordinary and extraordinary memories and events of the area for future generations. The book will feature stories, articles, illustrations and archive images. Hoping to publish soon. Actor Sir Derek Jacobi is writing the Forward, and cover illustration is by the renowned artist David Cecil Holmes. Onwards and upwards for Belsize!”

If you want to contact Ranee, please use the form below:

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