This is how winners look like!

In Germany by a winning game we like to sing: “So sehen Sieger aus, shalalala, so sehen Sieger aus, shalalala!” The English translation could be something like: “This is how winners look like!” Shalala is probably the same in English as well 🙂

We wrote already about our Bedu Peter, who is working in the UAE as the basketball trainer from Al Ahli. He is a very special guy, because he wrote basketball history in the Arab World.

Now we get new pictures about his triumphs. They are so fantastic we mentioned we have to share it with you.

And okay, in our subconsciousness mind we always think, if Bedu Peter as a German in the Arab World can be so extremely successful, why cannot write our Eintracht similar stories?

Bedu Peter, please send some victory genes back home to Frankfurt!

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