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Also in 2016 are lot of things going on with us Bedu’s. In this year we changed a little bit our design on our webpage. Actually we use much more posts as in the past. WordPress started as a software with blogs and therefore it still offers much more nice instruments on a post to create a thrilling one news. Nevertheless, parallel to our news posts, we will publish here short news about our Bedu life.

Please join us in 2016 as well!

For us Bedu’s charity, to help other people, was always very essential. We wanted to find an Eintracht fan, who’s also familiar with this kind of jobs. After long long searching we find her: Beduine Petra (Brenner)!

She started her carrier as a  wholesale and foreign trade clerk. But than she found what she actually wanted to do. She is now teacher, focused on residential care. She’s working in the public service, is in charge for behavioral original adolescents kids. She’s committed to social projects, including refugees, children in need, against racism of any kind, animal welfare. She has a very nice voice and she’s very intelligent. Therefore she worked also as a radio host in the  “Studio Wave 2”, and in the community radio station Radio RSG.

Warmly welcome dear Beduinen Petra in our solidarity! Now we are more than sure we will have with you successful charity projects as well.

Petra Brenner
Petra Brenner

We, the Bedu’s, were born in Arabia,  in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In the meantime our baby learned to walk and our focus is right now on Europe and Africa as well. Hence, we are not anymore just active in Arabia. Therefore we thought we should change our logo as well.

Our new slogan is: 

The first official fan club on three continents!

Like always, we are pioneers, we set benchmarks. Nobody before us has ever been active on three continents like our EFC Bembel Beduinen!!!















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