The awarded German actor and UNESCO ambassador Tom Barcal

On October 15th, 2015 became Tom Barcal, right now Bedu Tom, our honorary member! He is one of the leading German actor these days with impressive international reputation as well. Also he get awarded several times. In addition to that he is also an UNESO ambassador. And last but not least he is a big fan of our team Eintracht Frankfurt!

Bedu Tom is not just a well known actor. He is also a huge philanthrope and putting his full heart, idealism, prominence, time and energy to help others. He is an UNESCO ambassador, and also one of the José Carreras Foundation plus  of the “Helfen bewegt e. V.” (Help moved registered association). Last but not least he is the patron for the “Vest4Kids e. V.”. As Bedu’s we are also not just football fans we want to play a positive role in the world as well, we want to help for needy people. Hence, Bedu Tom is a double play for us.

He is also several times awarded, like in 2013 with the AIMY AWARD or in 2005 two times with the Rebel’s Art – Hessischer Nachwuchspreis – 1. Platz (Hesse Up and Coming Price – 1. Place)  and the Newcomer Award.

He became famous for the role of Marc (“Keule” – (bat) Schneider in the RTL series “Alles was zählt” (All that counts) After this breakthrough he starred in numerous popular German TV series, such as “Cobra 11”, “Tatort”, “Wilsberg” and “Lindenstraße”.

The movies internationally getting also vigilant. So he played on the side of Jürgen Prochnow (The BOAT and BEVERLY HILLS COP II.) in the English movie “The Poet” and with Udo Kier (ARMAGEDDON, BLADE) in the American cinema “Tor zum Himmel” (Gate to heaven). He acted also with Jürgen Vogel and Daniel Brühl in the movie “Ein Freund von mir” (A friend of mine)

His first leading part film role was in the movie “Schwarze Null” (Black zero) in 2009.

In 2015 he plays one of the co-leading part alongside with top stars like Eric Roberts (brother of Julia Roberts) and Vinnie Jones (e.g. X MEN) in the movie Euro Kings.


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