The German journalist, publicist and book author Udo G. Rettberg

Our Bedu Udo alias Udo G. Rettberg is internationally well known as one of the leading financial journalist in Germany. He was working mainly for the Handelsblatt, in their dependence in Frankfurt over 30 years. He’s an expert for investments, like commodities, stocks, derivatives, hedge funds – just a few to mention. Further more he likes to write articles about sport and football together with publishing books, too. One of them is “Geld schiesst Tore – Fussball als globales Business…” (Money kicks goals – football as global business …) However, Bedu Udo is still living in Frankfurt, actually between two trips just shortly. Not long time ago he get retired. But he’s almost more busy than at his long decades by the Handelsblatt. He’s to this day  publishing in different, important press products. By the way, he likes to shoot photos as well. Here are some of them.

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